What is SplitTheTab?

SplitTheTab is a multi-account, multi-currency expense tracker.

Informally, it is best described by this scenario: you are on vacation with your best friend, your brother, and his wife. Every expense during the trip (restaurants, hotels, taxis) are paid by one of you. By tracking these expenses in SplitTheTab, you keep a running record of who paid what, and what each party's balance is. As the designated cashier and internet tablet owner, you keep an eye on the balance and suggest who should pay the next big dinner.


Main features of SplitTheTab are:

On a desktop computer, all this can be achieved with a spreadsheet, and in fact it is possible to do this using gnumeric on an internet tablet. However, a dedicated application makes entering the data far easier and less error-prone.


SplitTheTab can be directly downloaded from the Garage's file release system at https://garage.maemo.org/frs/?group_id=1083, and installed via dpkg -i.

A quick tour

After launching the program, you need to specify the file name for a new database containing your trip information. Then, you are presented with a blank main screen:

New Window

First, you need to capture the "accounts", i.e. the groups of people that expenses are tracked for. Bring up the menu and select "Edit > Accounts". Click on "Add" to add an account, then fill in the account's name and the number of people for that account (the latter is the default for splitting an expense). Don't forget to click on "Apply" after entering details.

Below is the account editor after adding two accounts, named "Adam" and "Parents":

Account Editor

Close the account editor and select "Edit > Currencies" from the menu. You need to specify at least one currency (the "base currency"), whose exchange rate typically is 1. Other currencies with their exchange rate can be entered as well:

Currency Editor

Now you are ready to add some transactions. Dismiss the currency editor and click on "Add" in the main window to bring up the transaction editor:

Transaction Editor

Here, you see the following:

This example transactions states that Adam paid $20 for the airport Taxi, and that he will pay for one third of this expense while his parents pay for two thirds (the splits).

When you click on the transaction amount, a stylus friendly calculator pops up:


The two buttons in the bottom right corner are to add a percentage for tips; the amounts can be defined via the property editor.

This screenshot shows the main window after adding a few more transactions:

Main Window

The entries in the Report menu display summary and detailed reports of all expenses:

Summary Report Detailed Report

Implementation Notes


This is my first project in Python and GTK, any suggestions to improving usability, robustness, or coding style are welcome.

Please use the project's tracker (https://garage.maemo.org/tracker/?group_id=1083) for anything that you would like to change about SplitTheTab.

For informal feedback, there is a thread on http://talk.maemo.org/.